Minutes from CAP Meeting

June 27, 2006


In attendance:
B. Allen

J. Bullis

E. Maso

L Griest

J. Brandl

G. Meddaugh

S. Ross – Facilitator

D. Smyth

S. Wilkinson

B. Zollinger


Copies to:

M. Adams

A. Tynan

K. Cavotta

J. Magnini


*      Bud Allen updated group on upcoming AirQAP press briefing in Warren County Municipal Building on July 12, 2006 between 3:00 – 5:00 PM.  DSM CAP members are invited to attend.  ACO  with PCFA is still pending, but, it is moving in the right direction.  For AirQAP to continue to function a proposal was put forth  to have industrial members contribute toward facilitation.

*      Dr. Weisel submitted a paper on the asthma study methodology to a journal and the paper was rejected because it lacked some data..  Dr Weisel will be resubmitting with data requested.  Dr. Weiss is currently writing a technical paper for a technical journal.

*      There was a discussion on what the CAP’s perception was of peer review and that of Dr. Weisel.  As far as Dr. Weisel is concerned the report is final and has had technical review by DEP.  They will be submitting abstracts to relevant technical journals which is a separate type of peer review.  Dr. Weisel is ready and committed to informing public of results of study.

*      Asthma study was sent to DEP in final form incorporating all of DEP comments in June 2005.  However, when meeting an OPRA (freedom of information request) only the draft report (April, 2005) appears.  J. Brandl and A. Tynan will follow up with DEP.

*      Dr. Weisel presented a follow up data analysis which looked at symptoms (such as coughing and wheezing) versus SO2 levels.  There was a positive correlation which supports findings in June 2005 report.  They then looked at the effect of medication.  Dr. Weisel will send this additional data analysis to S. Ross and to the appropriate people at DEP.

*      There was a consensus that there should be a press briefing specific for the Asthma study.

*      S. Ross has briefed DEP about the press release and asked for their participation.  DEP has agreed in principle to participate.  S. Ross will follow up with Ed Choromanski of DEP.

*      S. Ross then reviewed the proposed agenda (attached) for the press briefing.  Some specifics:

o       Tentative dates are July 17th, July 18,  and August 24th.  S. Ross will quickly confirm availability of DEP, Drs. Weiss & Weisel and key CAP members.

o       A dry run will be planned based on dates noted above – S. Ross.

o       Tentative location and time will be Belvidere High School Library between 3:00 – 5:00 PM.  An alternate location is the Warren County Municipal Building.  J. Brandl to confirm locations once date is set.

o       S. Ross will prepare a press kit to include: news releases, executive summary and slides used in presentations.

o       A suggestion was to have a separate – earlier briefing to local officials – (to be determined).

*      D. Smyth asked Dr. Weisel about the correlation of asthma with pollutants other than SO2.  Dr. Weisel stated that they found no correlation between asthma and particulates and the volatile organic compounds evaluated in this study.

*      S. Wilkins asked if there were any other groups that would want to look at the data.  General feeling is that this data could be useful to a university.  J. Brandl noted that the AirQAP website would be supported until at least the end of the year.  Topic will be explored more fully at a future meeting.

*      E. Maso mentioned that since he resigned from White Township Environmental Commission the DSM CAP has no representation from White Township Environmental Commission.  J. Brandl to request a representative from M. Leslie.

*      Next meeting will depend on fixing the date for the Asthma study press briefing.