CAP Meeting Minutes

April 18 and May 24, 2006



April 18, 2006

J. Brandl

S. Wilkins

G. Meddaugh

B. Zollinger

E. Mazo


May 24, 2006

J. Brandl

C. Meddaugh

E. Mazo

D. Smythe

B. Zollinger

S. Wilkins


April 18 Meeting

*      J. Brandl gave business update which included the site post Vitamin C closure, new product trial fermentation and a discussion of ultimate fate of Vitamin C building.  J. Brandl reported that a decision on what will happen with the Vitamin C building would probably occur in June of 2006.

*      C. Meddaugh reviewed the last minutes (February 23, 2006).  From last minutes, J. Brandl updated the CAP on the operation of the WWTP.  Although waste and hydraulic levels are cut in half the treatment plant has continued to operate with no problems.

*      Unfortunately, Bud Allen could not make this meeting to update the DSM CAP on AirQAP activities.  J. Brandl reported that a press event is being planned for June (now July) to report on air monitoring activities over the past three years.  PP&L has contributed $10,000 toward facilitation and expenses in preparation for this press event.  Steve Ross will assist in preparing the press briefing.

*      J. Brandl reported on a recent conversation with Dr. Stan Weiss in reference to the Asthma Study.  Highlights of the conversation were as follows:

o        A manuscript has been prepared and sent to the journal on the method used in the Asthma Study.  Dr. Weiss could envision a series of articles.

o        Drs. Weiss and Weisel would like to do an even more sophisticated data analysis using “econometrics” from the School of Business.  They recently made a proposal to the school.

o        Dr. Weiss would discuss with Dr. Weisel the possibility of a statement from an AirQAP media event.

*      In discussing the above with the DSM CAP there was a consensus that one or both doctors should be at the media event to discuss what they can about the study.  It was also suggested that the doctors be invited to the next DSM CAP meeting.

*      Dr. Zollinger pointed out that a “negative” conclusion from the Asthma Study is still worth reporting.

*      A review of chloroform data post Vitamin C closure should be scheduled for the next meeting.

*      DSM CAP members were invited to attend the AirQAP meeting of May 8, 2006 which would be a preparation meeting for the press briefing.


May 24, 2006 Meeting

*      The purpose of this meeting was to determine how and in what forum the Asthma Study should be released.  From a May 8 meeting, of the AirQAP the AirQAP suggested that DSM CAP determine the next stops for the Asthma Study including a statement about the Asthma Study to be included in the AirQAP air monitoring press briefing.

*      D. Smyth stated he had attended the May 8 AirQAP meeting and has several issues with the draft DEP report.

o        When comparing with others requires need to see data

o        Need to say something about Hg sampling

o        Impact of ozone

o        Too much “sugar coating” – just report facts

o        More emphasis on car pollutants.

*      J. Brandl will discuss above points with A. Tynan and AirQAP.

*      J. Brandl gave a brief update on the business including successful trials with a new fermentation product.

*      As noted earlier the main reason for this meeting was to discuss the next steps for the asthma study.  After much debate a consensus was reached to have a separate press event.  This will allow for adequate time for the doctors to discuss the report and answer questions without interfering with the AirQAP release of the monitoring results.  TO make this happen, the following actions will be taken:

o        G. Meddaugh will send Bud Allen a note informing him of the decision of the DSM CAP to have a separate press briefing for the asthma study.

o        J. Brandl will discuss with M. Adams the possibility of using Steve Ross to help in the coordination and preparation of the press briefing.

o        A. Tynan will make a OPRA request to NJDEP concerning the asthma study.  The purpose in making the request is to determine if the DEP considers the report public and also to see if the report was reviewed by the Department of Health.

o        S. Wilkins and D. Smyth will seek input from the Belvidere Environmental Commission on (??? Not sure what they are going to get input on).

o        A meeting will be set up in June that the doctors could either attend or participate by phone conference.  A tentative date has been selected of June 27.






Cc:  M. Adams