The Community Advisory Panel working with DSM met on Tuesday, May 17, 2005.  Gary Meddaugh opened the meeting at 7:08 PM.


In attendance:  Gary Meddaugh, Beecher Zollinger MD, Stan Wilkins, Ernest Maso, Betty Merring, Jane Bullis, Dave Pritchard.

DSM members: Jim Brandl, Joe Gentile


Vitamin C shutdown


·      Jim presented an update on recent decision to shut down the Vitamin C production at the site.   He summarized the 5/12/05 press release.  He displayed a site map to show what areas will be shutdown, reminded the members of the ARA expansion, and explained that we are searching for additional fermentation products.  He emphasized the strong infrastructure that should make the site attractive for new products.  He then highlighted the business strategy decision (Reichstein vs. 2KGA, Chinese competition).    We still will make forms of Vitamin C.  He added the high cost of energy in the US wiped out all of our recent cost savings.  In explaining why Dalry will operate, he described how Dalry was able to produce GMO-free Vitamin C.  Gary echoed similar issues that Victaulic is facing.  Scrap costs, for example, his primary raw material, have increased 2-3 times over recent years.  Jim, then, described the “people side” of the decision – a tough process to go through.  Concerning emissions toluene and chloroform will no longer be used at the site..  Jim also told the CAP that the AirQAP will meet next Tuesday, May 24, 2005, 6:00 PM, here are DSM.  DSM CAP members are welcome to attend.  Two representatives from NJDEP, JoAnn Held and Charlie Pietarinen are scheduled to present their conclusions from the air monitoring data.  Other Vitamin C shutdown ramifications include:  no Salt Plant, less flammable storage, no Cogen, and ER Team (Fire department and ambulance) impacts.


DSM Environmental Performance


·      7 incidents year-to-date were discussed.  All were level 2 by DSM definition.


Funding for Air monitoring stations


·      4-5 years of mercury monitoring at four stations with funding at >>$85K is being discussed. Money would come from the  Atlantic States ACO


Asthma Study


·      NJ University of Medicine and Dentistry doctors presented their report to NJDEP in December 2004.  Not yet peer-reviewed.  Report under review by NJDEP.  Dr. Zollinger expressed concern with the length of time and questioned whether the community lost interest.  Stan Wilkins stated he thought the results should have been reported last year.  Jim Brandl said he’d follow-up to see if he can move the study along.


CCNJ TIE Workshop


·     Joe Gentile informed the CAP that this year’s teacher in education workshop is scheduled for July 28 and 29.  Gary Meddaugh and Stan Wilkins requested Joe forward registration information to them for their recruiting of area teachers.  (Joe emailed the information to both on 5/18/05.


Future CAP meeting schedule


·      Gary suggested we meet in June (6/21/05) and skip July and August unless there is work to accomplish in between June’s and September’s meetings.  September 20th will be next.  All agreed. 


Meeting closed at 8:35 PM


Next meeting is Tuesday, June 21, 2005.