The Community Advisory Panel working with DSM met on December 16, 2003 at Mattarís Restaurant in Allamuchy, NJ for an informal business meeting.Present at the meeting were Jane Bullis, Judy Chamberlain, Mike King, Gary Meddaugh, Betty Merring, Totsy Phillips, Stan Wilkins and Beecher Zollinger.Mike Adams and Jim Brandl were present from DSM.Rachelle Benson was present as a guest.The meeting was facilitated by Steve Ross.


Approval of November Meeting Summary

The CAP unanimously approved the November meeting summary.


CAP Chair for 2004

The CAP nominated and re-elected Gary Meddaugh to the chairperson post.Gary once again accepted the position.


CAP Membership

Steve Ross explained that the CAP needed to replace several of its members.He said that the Warren County Environmental Commission needed to appoint a representative to replace Pete Grogan and the White Twp. Environmental Commission needed to replace Dave Pritchard.Jane Bullis said she would talk with Belvidere High School about the appointment of a science teacher and/or a student.Stan Wilkins asked if the CAP bylaws mentioned anything about the size of the group.He wondered if it would be best to keep the CAP at its current size.


Jane suggested that a future meeting of the CAP should be open to the public.The CAP could give a presentation on what its function is, and what issues it deals with.Perhaps this would attract new members.



Both Mike Adams and Jim Brandl thanked the CAP members for their commitment throughout the year.Jim said that all three Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs) have been running smoothly.The three air monitoring stations have run flawlessly, the asthma study is almost complete and the AirQAP has 80 to 100 percent attendance at each meeting.


Mike followed up Jimís comments by saying that the AirQAP is a cutting edge group, and heís overwhelmed by the success and commitment of its members from industry, regulatory agencies, environmental commissions, health professionals, and business associations.Mike suggested that along with the appointed DSM CAP representative, Bud Allen, another CAP member should attend the AirQAP meetings each month.


Steve Ross thanked the CAP members for their unflagging commitment and dedication to the CAPís mission, and their continued attendance at the monthly CAP meetings.Also, Steve thanked DSM for being a dedicated and receptive sponsor for the CAP.Then Steve outlined three challenges that the group will face in 2004: 1) restocking the CAP, 2) expanding its mission to address new issues related to DSMís operations and plans, and 3) monitoring and coordinating with the AirQAP through monthly meeting summaries and attendance at meetings.


DSM Transition

Jane Bullis asked if there were any different faces at the plant now that the company has made the transition to DSM.Jim said that all the same people are in the top management positions, and that no changes occurred because of DSM.However, there is a new Human Resources manager because the previous manager left the position.Betty Merring asked how employees have been impacted by the change.Mike Adams responded that the employees have felt very little impact, and the general consensus is that the transition went very smoothly.Employees are still concerned about offshore competition, which could have an impact on the future of the business.


Gary Meddaugh adjourned the meeting and welcomed free discussion for the remainder of the dinner.