The Community Advisory Panel working with Roche Vitamins met on December 16, 2002 at Mattar’s Restaurant in Hackettstown, NJ for an informal business meeting. Present at the meeting were Bud Allen, Kathy Belby, Jane Bullis, Judy Chamberlain, Peter Grogan, Andy Mark, Betty Merring, Claude Mitchell, Totsy Phillips, Dave Pritchard, Doug Smyth, Gary Wassel, Stan Wilkins and Beecher Zollinger. Mike Adams, Jim Brandl and Jeff Wanko were present from RVI. Rachelle Benson and Kelly Henry were present as guests. The meeting was facilitated by Steve Ross.


The CAP unanimously approved the November meeting summary.

CAP Chair for 2003

Bud Allen nominated Jane Bullis to continue to serve as the CAP chairperson. Betty Merring recommended that the next chairperson be a representative of White Township and nominated Gary Meddaugh. Totsy Phillips seconded the motion and Bud, Jane and the rest of the group quickly agreed. In response to a concern raised over Mr. Meddaugh’s recent health issues and not wanting to add to his burden, Steve Ross suggested that Jane continue handling the media relations as chair of the publicity committee. The CAP agreed.

Status of SEP 1: Warren County Air Monitoring Program

Jim Brandl reported that all three air monitoring stations are now operational.

Monthly Random VOC Sampling

Betty Merring asked if the process for identifying the monthly random sampling date had been initiated. Steve Ross committed to providing the CAP with a schedule and instructions before the end of December, with Jane Bullis the first CAP member to contact Enviroplan with a random sampling date for the month of December. The next CAP member to select a random date in January 2003 will be Bud Allen. A schedule for 2003 and instructions are attached as an addendum to this summary.


Both Mike Adams and Jim Brandl thanked the CAP for their commitment throughout the year. Jim said that in the past two years the CAP has accomplished a great deal, including successfully lobbying the NJDEP for acceptance of Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs), the development and implementation of health surveys in Belvidere and White Township, and keeping the public informed through monthly press releases and open houses and public forums.

After being involved with a few CAPs in the past, Jim said that he believes that the Roche CAP’s success has been a direct result of the active involvement and commitment of the members, the diverse cross-section of the community represented at the table, and the involvement of a neutral third-party Facilitator. Jim said that Steve Ross’ role has evolved from a facilitator to a trusted advisor to RVI and the members alike.

Steve Ross thanked the CAP members for their unflagging commitment and dedication to the CAP’s mission, and their continued attendance at the monthly CAP meetings. The CAP continues to have as much vigor has it had two years ago when it was revitalized.

Accomplishments for 2002 and Goals for 2003

Steve asked that everyone think about new topics and issues for the CAP to pursue in 2003. This will be a discussion topic on next month’s agenda.