The Community Advisory Panel working with Roche Vitamins met on August 20, 2002.

1. Tour of Vitamin C Production Facility

The meeting began at 6:40 p.m. with a tour of the Vitamin C production facility. The tour was attended by CAP members Bud Allen, Jane Bullis, Bryan Burke, Andy Mark, Gary Meddaugh, Totsy Phillips, Dave Pritchard, and Beecher Zollinger. Also attending were Jim Brandl of Roche Vitamins and Facilitator Steve Ross. The tour covered the entire production process for bulk quantities of Vitamin C, including the facility’s control room, as well as pollution control equipment used to minimize air emissions.

The CAP's business meeting began at 7:50. Present at the meeting were Bud Allen, Kathy Belby, Jane Bullis, Bryan Burke, Andy Mark, Gary Meddaugh, Totsy Phillips, Dave Pritchard, Doug Smyth, Gary Wassell and Beecher Zollinger. Also present as a guest was Dave Cummings, Vice President of EnviroPlan. The meeting was facilitated by Steve Ross.

2. Draft Summary of July 2002 Meeting

Jim Brandl suggested several revisions to the Draft Summary of the CAP's July 2002 meting, which were accepted unanimously. With those changes, the meeting summary was approved as revised.

3. Report on CAP Participation in Warren County Fair

Jane Bullis thanked Roche for its help in facilitating the CAP's booth at the Warren County Fair. While the Fair was well attended, most of the people seemed to be from outside Belvidere and White Twp. and the CAP members agreed that in future they would not have a booth at the Fair.

4. Status of Air Monitoring Program

Jim Brandl reported that an air monitor for volatile organic chemicals had been installed on an interim basis on Roche property and had begun operating on August 16. By the end of September the entire air monitoring system will be fully operational, and the pediatric asthma epidemiology study will be underway. Jim asked the CAP if it would be appropriate to invite the mayors and other community leaders of Belvidere and White Township to a special ribbon-cutting event to acknowledge the launch of the air monitoring program, the asthma study and the Regional Air Quality CAP, since these three Supplemental Environmental Projects were the result of the Roche CAP's recommendations. The CAP agreed in concept and will discuss this event further at its meeting on September 17.

Jim Brandl noted that the NJDEP had approved moving $85,000 from the budget for the SEP 3 community alerting system to the air monitoring program, and had also approved allocating a $5200 fine paid by Roche to SEP 1 as well, for a total of an additional $90,000 to the program, which is now funded at $640,000. As a result, funding was now available for the third monitoring station recommended by the CAP, for installation at the County complex adjacent to Country View Village in White Twp.

Jim introduced Dave Cummings of EnviroPlan, the contractor selected to install, operate and report on the air monitoring program. Dave said that the equipment at Belvidere High School would be installed as soon as school board approval is received. At that time, the VOC monitor will be moved from its interim location on Roche’s property to the high school site, which is located in a swale adjacent to a ballfield used by young children and should not interfere with their play. The monitoring station at the County complex requires a zoning variance from White Twp. and is expected to be installed in late September. The property owner on Scotts Mountain has signed an agreement for that station, which should be installed in August or September.

After the first three months of six-day interval testing of VOCs, the Roche CAP will participate in a random sampling program by notifying EnviroPlan to schedule periodic random sampling events without Roche’s knowledge.

Dave explained at length the program EnviroPlan will use to assure that the monitoring program collects and reports accurate, reliable, validated air quality data. In view of this time-consuming and painstaking quality assurance/quality control process, the CAP questioned how the data collected could be used as the basis for the SEP 3 community alert program. Jim Brandl reported that RVI has commissioned a consultant with expertise in this field to recommend how to design and implement such a program.

5. Status of SEP 2 Pediatric Asthma Study

Dr. Zollinger reported that the school boards of White Twp. and Belvidere have approved participation in the asthma study. In addition, he and Dr. Weiss of the University of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ have briefed Hackettstown physicians and school nurses on the study.

The meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.