The Roche Vitamins Community Advisory Panel convened at 7:00 P.M. on October 16, 2001. CAP members present at the meeting were Bud Allen, Kathy Belby, Jane Bullis, Judy Chamberlain, Peter Grogan, Andy Mark, Gary Meddaugh, Betty Merring, Dave Pritchard, Doug Smyth, Cindy Snyder, Gary Wassel and Stan Wilkins. Present from RVI were Jim Brandl and Duane Campbell. The meeting was facilitated by Steve Ross of Holt & Ross.

Approval of September Meeting Summary

The meeting began with approval of the Summary of the September 18 meeting.

RVI Compliance Status

Jim Brandl reported that Roche met with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) on September 26 to resolve the Administrative Consent Order (ACO) and clarify implementation details for the Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs). All told, the budget for SEPs would be $970,000. The air monitoring station would continuously monitor sulfur dioxide, while toxic screening would monitor periodically for hazardous air pollutants. Neither ozone nor mercury would be monitored through funding from this SEP, but could be added at RVI expense or included in monitoring sponsored by other industrial facilities. Bud Allen noted that there were no federal standards for mercury.

In addition to the SEPs, as part of the Administrative Consent Agreement, RVI will be buying emissions credits in New Jersey and retiring them, rather than using them or selling them to others.

Mr. Brandl reported that Mike Adams would sign the ACO on October 18 and that the NJDEP was scheduled to sign it by the end of October. RVI would then notify its employees, issue a press statement and notify the CAP members and the mayors of Belvidere and White Twp.

Doug Smyth reported that Assemblywoman Connie Myers had advised the CAP to wait for the SEPís implementation details to be specified and then decide whether to object to them or not. The CAP agreed that it would be better to indicate its preferences to Roche, so they could be conveyed to the NJDEP before decisions are made. For example, the CAP agreed that one air monitoring station should be located adjacent to the athletic fields at Belvidere High School, and that the school should be involved in some way in the monitoring program for educational purposes.

Jim Brandl said the first monitoring station could be operable in March or April of 2002. In response to questions about the adequacy of the three-year period during which the SREP would fund air monitoring, Doug Smyth said that two years of data would be enough to identify any air quality problems. Cindy Snyder suggested that it might be possible to secure grant funding to continue and broaden the air monitoring program when the EP funding expires. Jim Brandl said that Warren County might be able to assume responsibility for continuing the monitoring program and simply pay the operating costs. Bud Allen reported that the NJDEP wanted PPL to pay for four sulfur dioxide monitoring stations, all of which should be web-based so they data they collect would be publicly accessible. PPL was resisting placing a monitoring station on Scotts Mountain, he said.

Community Forum

Steve Ross suggested that Don Patterson of NJDEP be invited to the November 7 community meeting. The CAP agreed and Doug Smyth will call Mr. Patterson with an invitation to attend.

The CAP reviewed the draft ad for the open house prepared by Doug Smyth and approved it after some discussion. Bud Allen volunteered to deliver 250 reprints door-to-door to all Brookfield residents. The CAP agreed that the event should also be promoted on the websites maintained by Belvidere, White Twp., and Warren County, and Jane Bullis volunteered to coordinate that. Doug Smyth will place full-page ads in the Riverbend. Steve Ross will provide mailing information for community leaders in Warren County, White Twp. and Belvidere.

Andy Mark reported that he had secured access to the Belvidere High School for the event. The CAP agreed to set up the auditorium at 4:00 P.M. and host a press briefing at 6:00 P.M, with CAP members to arrive by 5:30. CAP members with a speaking role at the community meeting will sit at a table on the stage, and the rest of the CAP members will sit in the first row of the audience. The meeting will begin with introductions of all CAP members by Doug Smyth, who will act as the master of ceremonies for the event. Handouts at the meeting will include the meeting agenda, a summary of the SEPs (which Steve Ross will prepare), the summary of CAP activities prepared by Steve Ross, and the PowerPoint Presentation that Roche will be using.

The CAP confirmed that the forum will consist of the following program:

  1. Introduction of the CAP members
  2. Summary of the meeting format, rules and procedures (Gary Wassel)
  3. Review of Rocheís environmental compliance problems and progress made to date (Mike Adams)
  4. Summary of the ACO and the SEPs (Mike Adams, RVI
  5. Summary of the CAP-sponsored peer review of the ERM health risk assessment (Doug Smyth)
  6. A report on the Belvidere community health survey and the status of the White Twp. health survey (Jane Bullis, BEC/Cindy Snyder, WTEC).
  7. Public input.


The meeting concluded at 9:10 p.m. The next CAP meeting will be on November 20, 2001.