Our Charter

Statement of Purpose

To develop a positive working relationship and effective communication with the surrounding community, DSM NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS (DSM) has established an advisory group called the "Community Advisory Panel (CAP)."

The CAP operates as a vehicle for the discussion of plans, programs, recommendations and issues of mutual concern and interest to DSM and the surrounding community.


The mandate of the CAP is to provide a mechanism for promoting a productive partnership and dialogue between DSM and its neighbors. The purpose of the CAP is neither to support nor oppose the plans and operations of DSM's Belvidere Plant. Rather, its purpose is to promote open communication between DSM and the community and to assist DSM in identifying ways to improve its operations and their impact on the community in ways that benefit all concerned.

The CAP will serve as an advisory group, with the right to make recommendations or requests to DSM, which will be reviewed, considered and responded to promptly by DSM. Recommendations from the CAP are advisory in nature and not binding on DSM. In addition, the CAP members, individually and collectively as an organization, will take steps designed to inform the community of CAP activities and to receive community input and feedback on those activities.

Membership and Structure

Meetings of the Cap

The chairperson will convene all meetings with the support of an independent third-party facilitator.

The role of the chairperson will be to:

The role of the facilitator will be to:

Members are expected to attend each meeting. If a member misses three consecutive meetings, the chairperson will contact him or her to determine their interest in continuing. The chairperson will report to the CAP for appropriate action. Annually, when members are given the opportunity to renew their commitment to the group, members will make a case-by-case determination of how to address those who wish to remain members but have missed three or more of the meetings in the previous year.