DSM Nutritional Products, Belvidere NJ

Royal DSM operates a manufacturing plant that produces human and animal vitamin formulations and a supplement for infant formula in Warren County, New Jersey. The site established a Community Advisory Panel in 1995 to create an open and honest forum for communication between the facility and the community. The CAP's mission is to learn more about the facility, inform the community about it, listen to the community's concerns and carry them back to DSM.

The DSM Belvidere site employs over 350 DSM Employees and resident contractors. Belvidere manufacturing consists of three Formulations departments, a Fermentation house, and a Human Nutrition and Health Premix facility. Some of the many products that are produced in Belvidere include:
-    Arachidonic Acid (an important Omega-6 fatty acid present in breast milk).
-    Vitamin C Forms
-   A family of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid products derived from fish oil, which contain Omega-3 fatty acids.
-    HyD (used for chicken feed- the vitamin D content helps make the shells of eggs less likely to crack)
-    Custom vitamin premixes made to customer specifications for use in food products.
Our site also supports a potable water treatment facility, a waste water treatment facility, and co-generation plant with which we produce a portion of the electricity used on site. The site also maintains a Quality Control facility to test many of the raw materials we use and the finished products that we make.
The DSM Belvidere facility boasts several emergency response which are staffed entirely of volunteers. Emergency Response Teams include a fire brigade team, first responders and Emergency Medical Services, Hazardous Materials responders, and a Confined Space Rescue Team. These trained employees have also been available to assist the community in times of need.